About Me

Welcome to Tilantha.Net. I'm Tilantha Gunatilaka, and I appreciate your visit to this website. This is my personal website, dedicated to my interests and the work I'm passionate about. My primary focus revolves around web development and the strategic implementation of web solutions for corporate websites, with a special emphasis on fostering brand awareness across the digital landscape.

I currently serve as a Digital Media Specialist. My journey into website development began during my pursuit of a degree in Business Administration. While at university, even though my main focus was on business management, I found myself drawn to the world of web development, diving into HTML coding and incorporating educational content into webpages to share with my university peers. During that period, my enthusiasm led me to create web portals, community-based websites, and online forums using open-source web publishing tools. What started as a hobby soon blossomed into full-scale corporate website development.

Despite my passion for web development, my post-graduation career took an unexpected turn into the realm of grocery retail. During this time, I maintained a personal blog where I shared my thoughts, insights, and information about the seasonal activities at the retail store where I was employed. My unique perspectives garnered the appreciation of my employer, who granted me the opportunity to redesign and develop the entire corporate website.

Today, a significant portion of my technical energy is dedicated to Digital content creation, corporate web development and the strategic execution of online branding and marketing initiatives.

While this website is a personal endeavor, my commitment is to provide you with top-notch resources for learning and engaging downloadable content for both fun and education. Feel free to explore this website, and I'm confident you'll discover something of value. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated, and I encourage you to return regularly as I continuously update and introduce new content. Thank you for being a part of my online journey.